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sandsofreverie's Journal

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sands of reverie

Everyone has to fall asleep sometime.

Sometimes you fall into a deep sleep, and find yourself washed up on a beach of paint. Or rather, it looks like a painting... but the water feels and acts like water, and the sand indeed feels and acts like sand should despite the visible brush strokes and flecks of brilliant colors that you'd never see naturally in the ocean. Speaking of unnatural, the sky is painted with the hues of sunset, even though the sun is high in the sky.

You have washed up on the sands of Reverie, an island composed entirely of dream energy. Before long you find the laws of physics to hold no power here, and you may find yourself distorting and warping like fluid in a lava lamp should you so feel like it (but if you want to stay in a more solid state, you're more than welcome to). A place that you've been to before may dissipate by the next day and become something else entirely, all reflected by the subconscious wishes of the resident dreamers here. The island's size varies by its population, although it has a few fixed areas where the dream is relatively stable.

Maybe you don't have a place to call home, or you did long ago... Reverie always opens its beaches up to new dreamers to explore its lush jungles, bustling port town, and its many, many mutable areas. You are free to stay here as long as you like, all you need to do is remember to wake up. You can easily find your way back by simply falling asleep again...

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